Still Waters Perth

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What We Do

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Still Waters Perth was formed in 2008, with the aim of helping those suffering from addiction or who were on the fringes of society.

In the early days, a few people met weekly to provide food from the back of a car to those in need in Perth.

Two others joined, and, after a generous donation, the project expanded with the acquisition of a food van.

More volunteers came onboard, and we then had two teams covering alternate weeks.

We have continued to grow, and currently have around 35 committed supporters helping with the food distribution operation.

Some work in the food preparation area, preparing sandwiches, rolls and the like, and not forgetting the hot soup, macaroni and stovies which are always popular in the colder weather.

Others work on the van, attending to the distribution of food, and offering the chance for a chat and banter with our regular attenders. We are a Christian-based organisation, and prayer is always available for those who want it.

We have been extremely lucky to have had the support of a local bakery which donates food to supplement that provided by our own volunteers.

It soon became clear to us that many who attended the food van were stuck in a rut, unemployed and with little chance of improving their quality of life.

We therefore gradually devised a work programme which could offer people the chance to gain work experience so that they would have the opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers their ability to carry out regular work in a reliable manner.

We have a programme of Window cleaning , gardening work, along with the opportunity to carry out minor maintenance tasks.

We believe that offering the routine of work related activities provides the opportunity to build a routine which can help in establishing a record of reliability which in turn will help to convince employers of the value of recruiting people from our work programme into mainstream employment.

As the activities of Still Waters Perth increased, it was registered as a charity in Scotland in 2012.